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The prices are the first things students look at when they visit websites like ours. It’s only natural. Some companies charge insane prices. They’re unacceptable and are unaffordable for the majority of students. When we first started our essay writing service we were determined to change this. Grab an Aussie essay from us and you’ll get value for money.

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Writer's background Stands for an academic degree held by writers serving a specific writer's level
FREE add-ons You get a bibliography, title page, formatting, outline and amendments for FREE
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High priority order With the high priority status, your order will be the first in line to get assigned to an expert
Advanced plagiarism check Your paper is checked for plagiarism with multiple tools. First, we check it with our own tool, then it's checked with external service
Writer with 5+ years of experience A writer with 5+ years of experience in academic writing is assigned to your order

What You Get for Your Money

  • A quality essay.
  • A first-class lesson in goodessay writing.
  • Completed by some of the best writers in the world.
  • Free formatting and email delivery.
  • Full 24-hour customer support.

The Philosophy

No essay writing service can function if most students can’t afford to use the essay service. Our essay writing concentrates on reducing the price as much as we can without cutting down on quality. We believe in being able to offer a worthwhile service without the expenses. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

Value for money is at the heart of what we do. We won’t promise to provide the lowest prices in the world. This would be presumptuous. Instead, we aim to offer the best service in the world. We put it to you to decide if our Aussie essay writing is worthwhile. It’s the fairest way to judge the cost of our essay writing and essay service.

The Student Budget

Very few students have a full-time income. And yet we constantly see companies charging as if their customers do have full-time incomes. Everyone who works here was a student at some point. Most of them were supported by grants and their parents. It’s the same today. People like us need to understand how cash-strapped most students are.

This is an equal opportunities service. Every student is entitled to a premier education. And we believe this is reflected in our services.

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