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What is nursing, and what are the different areas of Nursing Expertise?

Nursing can take on the form of art and science. In it lies the heart and the mind of an individual. A nurse or nursing student must respect human dignity and care for a patient’s needs – the heart of nursing. But the heart has to be supported by a strong mind which is developed through rigorous learning. Learning produces different types of nurses, but the profession's heart remains the same; to serve with passion and expertise. 

Today the nursing subject has evolved to include many different experts. As the demand for nurses grows, so do the career path benefits for those who choose to pursue the subject. The profession promises numerous opportunities, great salaries, and fulfillment. So, what areas of nursing expertise are out there? Let’s see:

  • Registered Nurse - RN

As a registered nurse, you will need to provide and coordinate patient care. You will also need to educate patients and society about different health conditions and offer advice and emotional support to your patients and their families. You will work in a team of physicians and other specialists in different environments. 

As an RN, you can go for either an RN degree or a BSN degree. However, the minimum requirement to be considered here is an associate's or bachelor’s degree in nursing. The advantage here is that you don’t have to study for too long before you can become an RN. It takes 2 to 4 years of schooling to qualify as an RN compared to other medical professions. The RN category also allows you to work in different specialties depending on what you love doing. 

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist - CRNA

A CRNA is a highly trained nurse responsible for assisting with anesthesia during a surgical operation. This is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs. Nurses in this specialty are in high demand and are very highly trained. You have to attain a degree from a graduate-level program to be considered a CRNA. Your work will involve caring for the patient before, during, and after surgeries to help manage their pain. You will work mostly in hospitals, surgical centers, and Specialty Doctor’s offices. 

  • Cardiac Nurse

As a cardiac nurse, you will work with doctors during surgical procedures. The procedures include angioplasty, bypass, and pacemaker surgery. If you are interested in issues related to the heart, this is your kind of specialty. The demand for this specialty is growing as more and more people get diagnosed with heart issues. You will need a Nursing license to work in this field. The most likely places of work include hospitals, In-Home care, and rehab facilities. 

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – CNS

If you want to take a leading role in nursing, this is your specialty. A CNS nurse is a type of APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) responsible for direct patient care by working with other nurses to improve the quality of care given to a patient. You will also have an advisory role and educate other nurses and staff. You will need to have studied medical science in the field of nursing and achieved a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree to become a CNS. Your place of work will include hospitals, In-Home health care services, Physician’s offices, and many more.

  • ER Nurse

An ER nurse works in the emergency room. Your role will include different tasks after evaluating and stabilizing a patient. You will need to know the patient’s medical charts, tend to their wounds or ailments, and determine the accurate medication to administer. This specialty requires you to work under pressure and quickly tend to various injuries and ailments. The required level of education is an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. You will also need a Registered Nursing license. You will mostly work in hospitals.

  • Clinical nurse educator

A clinical nurse educator develops educational programs meant for nursing professionals working in a healthcare facility. This kind of nurse creates curriculums and supervises new nurses and nurse students within a clinical setting. They ensure each nurse within their responsibility gets the necessary skills required to do their jobs. If you want to be this kind of nurse, you should be well versed in several specialties, including pediatric, neonatal, and intensive care. You will work in hospitals and educational institutions. 

  • Neonatal intensive care unit nurse - NICU

As a NICU nurse, you will work with others in the neonatal intensive care unit. Your work will involve giving supportive care to newborns. Usually, the infants you will provide care for will have different health concerns such as prematurity birth defects and/or surgical issues. You will prepare the infants’ medications, manage their fluids, give emergency care, give careful observation, and educate and give support to parents. 

  • Registered Mental Health Nurse

Mental health issues in Australia have been on the rise. As a registered mental health nurse, your job will involve diagnosing mental illnesses, providing assistance in the treatment plan, and prescribing the necessary medication. You will also educate the patient as well as their loved ones about their diagnosis and treatment options. You will work with other nurses and medical practitioners as part of a hospital’s mental health unit or have your own licensed practice. 

  • Pain Management Nurse

A pain management nurse specializes in pain management. Your main line of work will involve administering medication to help alleviate a patient’s severe pain or trauma. You will also work with oncology professionals to determine the cause of a patient’s pain and recommend the appropriate medication. A pain management nurse also works with palliative care nurses and in hospice programs. You will also help your patience overcome over-dependence and addiction and help them live as normally as possible. 

  • Director of Nursing

Just as the title suggests, nursing directors lead others in providing efficient health care to patients. Your work will be to ensure your team delivers safe and effective care at all times in a healthcare setting. You will also have other administrative roles such as budgeting, service planning, and the organization of clinical nursing services in a healthcare facility or hospital. 

There are many more nursing specialties that we couldn’t name here that are just as important, and students in Australia are pursuing these courses. It is important to note that these specialties require hard and soft skills. The hard skills come with the experience you gain as you work. The soft skills you acquire in school will go a long way in ensuring you get better at your job in the future. 

The best nursing assignment writing help at reasonable prices

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Most Popular Topics in Nursing

Any assignment for nursing students that we take on involves many topics in the field. However, it doesn’t matter what the topic is or even how technical it may be; our professionals will handle it and deliver it on time. Here are some of these topics;

  1. Patient Safety: In patient safety, students learn about reducing the risk of patients incurring more harm under health care. You will learn about the policies, improved safety measures, and the skilled professionals needed to ensure this. 
  2. Law and Professional issues for Nurses: Our writers will help you with any assignment in nursing dealing with Law and professional issues in nursing. Under this topic, you will learn about Loss of Licensure, malpractice, defamation, job termination, and negligence. 
  3. Mental health: This topic involves lessons on how to deal with patients under treatment for psychiatric disorders. You will learn how to take care of these types of patients and how to interact with their loved ones. You will also learn about the medication prescribed for them. 
  4. Pharmacology: Pharmacology prepares you for drug prescription and administration when you finally start working as a nurse. As a nurse, you will have plenty of assignments on this topic because you have to understand drug prescriptions' effects on patients. The exercises and homework can be tough when you have to master all the terminology and drug names. 
  5. Neonatal Care: Neonatal care involves taking care of newborns who may have problems such as congenital disability, cardiac issues, infections, and more. This study involves knowing many ways of dealing with the tender care involved in handling newborns. 
  6. Elder care management: Elder care management means learning about how to take care of senior patients in care homes or healthcare facilities. At Aussiessay, we help you cover the topic with accurately designed assignments. 
  7. Nursing Handover Process: Before you can leave your shift, you will have to hand over a patient's care to a different nurse or medical personnel. This process involves accurately documenting the patient’s information and treatment plan. We will help you cover the topic with up-to-date assignments that will help improve your grades in nursing. 
  8. Public Health Administration: As a public heal administration nurse, you will be responsible for educating the public and community about diseases and health issues affecting the public. You will educate them about better health practices and the prevention of diseases within the community. We will help you with assignments here as well. 

Contact Us for Nursing Assignment Help

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How do I order a Nursing Assignment?

To order, press the “order assignment” button and fill in your details on the order page. Input as much information as needed to help us deliver a good assignment. Click the “check your order info ”button” and then proceed to order.

Can my nursing assignment be done overnight?

Yes. On the order page, you will see that there is a deadline as early as 3 hours of submitting your details. Just key in your deadline, and we will ensure the order gets to you on time.

Will only an experienced specialist perform my nursing assignment?

Yes, Aussiessay only employs experienced specialists to handle all nursing assignments. The specialist has a high chance of delivering accurate assignments.

Do you use only reliable and up-to-date information for writing Nursing Assignments?

All sources used to do your assignments are reliable and up-to-date. We check every source for accuracy and relevance.


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