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  • I have told my friends about your essay writing service. I was worried the work would be copied or rewritten and not custom written. I am pleased with the results. Thank your writers on my behalf.

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  • Love It, Love It All, Love Everything About It. I have grown to hate art history, and your team has taken the work off my hands. I didn't believe it was possible to get work done before the deadline. We are living in a golden age, and everybody should get help and order essays.

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  • I didn't understand why they allow deadlines of ten days if they have writers waiting on hand, but the (very nice) support lady told me it is so the writers can schedule writing tasks and that is why it is cheaper. I wasn't complaining and I won't, I think it is a great way of offering lower-priced essays.

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  • I have submitted essays on biology, statistics, marketing, engineering and sociology. I have been submitting them for my friends because they are afraid they might be caught. I did it all, and your team did brilliantly on every one, which is pretty impressive.

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  • I really hope that you're in the business for many years to come, you're such a great help to students! My professor loved the work I handed and I'm impressed with you guys. I have another order for you in two days. Thanks

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  • This is the first essay writing service I have used that HASN'T sold my details to spammers. I know this because it is the first time I have paid for an order and then NOT received hundreds of spam emails from companies in other countries.

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  • The supremely accurate work you provided helped me push my grades into a higher tier, which now allows me to join the campus select groups. Please accept my gratitude and respect.

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  • All I will say is that I vouch for them. You can trust them with your work and with your details.

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  • It is true that this company can be trusted. I am pleased with their service and can find no reason to fault them.

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  • I handed it in as my own and scored 82%. It is not perfect, but I didn't pay the top prices. It's pretty sweet though. I got the formatting details wrong and one of your writers re-did the formatting at no extra cost. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

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The Best Essay Writing Service in Australia

A quality essay writing service can be hard to find. So congratulations! You've found one of the best services in Australia. Here at, we guarantee to assign qualified essay writers to all projects of our customers. When you complete the order form, you will provide precise guidelines for your paper. You will tell us what you expect, and professional essay writer will follow those instructions. As a result, you will receive a custom-crafted paper that’s not only unique, but also conveys your personal point of view. We built the reputation of our assignment writing service through hard work and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.

Custom Essays of Any Type

When we founded our assignment writing service, we knew we had to answer to the increasing demands of Australian students. The last thing you want is to find the perfect service for your essay, only to find out that you have to search for another website for your book report. Thanks to our expert writers, you can get any project at a single website. Are you wondering if we can deliver the exact type of paper you need? Take a look at our list of the most popular products provided for students:

  • Research paper. This requires you to search through sources and use them to support your case. You must examine what the experts have to say and locate the most useful information. It's not always easy because of the amount of reading you have to do, and the requirement to identify the most useful and relevant sources.
  • Lab report. Arts students think that their scientific counterparts have it easy - all they have to do is write up a report on what they have observed in the laboratory. But science students think that arts subjects are much easier. Lab reports can be difficult because of the need to conform to a specific method of writing and ensure that you have reported the results accurately and clearly.
  • Case study. This examines a situation, group, or individual over a period of time. Since it is looking at real people and genuine situations, you must make sure that you draw sensible conclusions and can offer useful and practical suggestions about how to proceed in the future. Case studies have great relevance in the workplace, as they can be used for government, social work, and medical needs.
  • Article Review. Articles are a common form of academic publication, and you may be called upon to write a review of one. You should assume that your audience will be familiar with the topic, and should therefore write a summary of the article, respond to the writer's ideas, and use your own research to comment on their conclusions.
  • Literature review. Unlike with a research paper, you are not required to come up with new ideas when you write a literature review. Instead, you should summarise what the author has to say, but not add any new ideas. You will need to have a good familiarity with the literature in the field.
  • Annotated bibliography. This can be very new to most students. An annotated bibliography requires you to give a brief commentary on each source cited in a bibliography and examine its usefulness and quality.
  • Book report. Students often dread book reports because they must read a book that they may not be that enthused about. You will need to understand the themes, discuss how it appealed to you (or failed to), and not try to cover everything in the book.

You already wrote your paper, but you need some help with editing, proofreading, and formatting? No problem! Our team of professional editors will provide the quality boost you need. If you can’t see the type of content you need in our offer, please contact our customer support representatives, and we’ll make sure to find a reliable assignment writer who can deliver what you need. We’ll enable you to contact your essay writer through all stages of the process. This gives you an opportunity to take part in the paper’s completion. You’ll make sure the writer is following your guidelines, and you can add more details along the way.

What Kind of Assignment Help Do You Need?

Essay help

When you’re after essay writing assistance, you may easily come across a service that takes such project lightly. Unfortunately, there are many websites that deliver low-quality work that has nothing to do with a student’s requirements. At, you’ll be in full control of the process and you’ll be able to choose from different types of essays when placing the order:

Assignment help

When you come to us saying "write my essay," the first thing we do is evaluate your order. We pay close attention to your instructions and we deliver exactly what you need. We also understand that sometimes you don’t need essays. You need something else - assignments. Yes, the essay is considered to be a school assignment, but not all assignments are essays. We understand the difference, and we have a team of writers who can answer to all needs of Aussie students.

Dissertation help

What happens if you have to complete a research proposal, thesis, or PhD dissertation? You know you have the experience, knowledge, and skills to write the project. But, do you have the time, energy, and will? You’re under tons of pressure, but you can’t even think about giving up at this point. You need help, and you can get it at our website. You’re lucky to have found the best assignment writing service. At, we offer high-profile writing assistance to MA and PhD candidates. You will work with a dissertation writer who already holds a doctoral degree in your area of study, so you’ll collaborate with them to get the best results. We’ll take all your instructions into consideration. If you completed part of your work, you can submit it and we’ll find a dissertation writer who will take care of the rest.

Coursework help

You may also be required to submit coursework as part of your studies. This will count as part of your overall marks, so it's important to do well. If you don't score highly on coursework you could end up with a lower grade. Although it's not as pressured as taking an exam, coursework can still be difficult if you don't understand the subject or what is required of you. That's where we come in, and can provide you coursework writing help to get the grades you need.

Thousands of students in Australia have already discovered for themselves how valuable our writing help is, and have gladly recommended us to their friends. So find out for yourself just what our essay writers can do for you.

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  • 100% Privacy

    This essay service offers full privacy. We promise never to share nay of your details with anyone without your written permission. Anyone you know can't find out you have placed an order with us unless you tell them.

    Each piece of work is completely original. No teacher can enter your work into a copyright checker and find your essay as we don't publish it online. This is your piece of work and we securely remove it from our systems so there's no chance of finding it online.

    All payments are completed through a secure independent payment service.

  • smart price

    It makes sense to offer an essay writing service which caters to students. We understand you don't necessarily have full-time wages. You can't afford some of the scandalous prices other companies charge. We've reduced the cost of our custom essay writing so you only pay a price you can afford.

    Our focus is on value for money. It's not about giving you the cheapest price. It's about giving you the lowest price possible without reducing the standards of the services on offer.

  • Full support

    We offer a free customer support service. They're available 24/7 and are ready and waiting to begin answering your questions. Full support is provided through an on-site live chat system or through email messaging.

    Each customer service operative speaks fluent English and knows how our business works. They work along with our writers to make sure any messages are passed on to them. They know our business and how it works. This is why they're so effective at dealing with customers.

    If you want to take advantage of the company which offers an essay writing service with the average student in mind, choose our essay writing. We know exactly what you need!


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