Guarantees are a controversial topic. And they’re one which has received a lot of controversy. We’ve seen lots of companies offer Aussie essay writing services with guarantees, yet they haven’t been able to fulfil these guarantees. We’re different. We have a reputation for always following through on what we say with our essay service. When you order an Aussie essay with us the below guarantees are applied to all orders.


We promise to meet every deadline. If we take the order we will complete it, no questions asked. We’re honest about our abilities and we won’t take an order just to prove we can. If we believe the time you’ve given us is too short to reach the desired level of quality we won’t take the order.

If you’ve placed your order you can expect to receive it back before the deadline elapses.

Full Support

We guarantee we will always support you through our customer support team. You’ll never be left hanging. Every essay service needs to put the effort in to help ease your mind. We know how frustrating it can be to be close to a deadline and you haven’t heard anything yet. Contact us through our live customer support chat on the website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The most important essay writing guarantee we can provide you with is our satisfaction guarantee. Everything hinges on the quality of our work. We want to always meet your demands by giving you the best essay writing service we can.

It’s why if you’re not happy with the assignment you receive back we want you to get in contact with us. We will provide you with free and unlimited revisions no matter what. We will give the revisions to a different writer if you really aren’t happy with your current writer.

If there’s any reason why you might think we’ve not fulfilled our essay writing guarantees whilst working with you, get in touch. Tell us about it and our essay writing service will endeavour to do what it can.