Tips To Prepare For The College Interview

Planning on college in the near future?  Is it time for college interviews? Are you weak in the knees, tongue-tied and just nervous? Yet, the college interview can be overwhelming but this IS your chance to shine. This is your chance to show the college who you are and why you want to attend that school. The college interview can distinguish from other applicants who also want to attend that school.  But, you know what? You can do this and you will do it well. With these tips and advice, get ready for a smooth college interview.  

Prepare Questions about the School

You want to attend that college but at the same time you don't know every thing about it. During the interview process, you should ask questions, this shows the interviewer you are serious about attending school and you want to know as much as you can so you can make the best decision for you.  Some questions you can ask are:
•    What kinds of work study programs are available? What do I have to do to apply for a work study program?
•    What kind of student clubs and organizations are there?
•    What's the best thing about attending a pep rally for the school?

Practice Makes Perfect

It doesn't matter if you have an interview for a job or for college being interviewed can be nerve wracking. You are the in the spotlight, you believe everything you do and say can either make or break you. You can practice interviewing because interviewing is about confidence. When you answer your questions; answer as you would in a written exam, in complete sentences without like or um sprinkled in your sentences.

•    Work with your guidance counselor, teachers, and other adults to create questions that you might have during a college interview.
•    Answer the questions on your own time but don't write the answers down because these are just practice confidence building exercises.
•    Use the practice questions in practice interviews. Say the answers and record yourself. Where do you fall short? Then practice some more.

Be Respectful and Mature

This should be common sense but this is your time to show that you are an adult. You want to use appropriate language and you want to refrain from off color jokes. You don't personally know these people and you want to come across as someone with a good sense of humor and likable. When it comes to cell phones, shut them off. If you leave them on, turn them to silent and don't look at them while you are talking to your interviewer. Stay focused on your interviewer and be honest.

Who Are You? And Other Questions

This interview is all about you. So it might be a good time to think about who you are and then you can answer questions about yourself with ease.  Some questions an interviewer may ask you are:

•    What are your interests? You don't have to say everything you're are interested in but you want to have at least three things that you are interested in.
•    What do you plan to major in? If you know, great. If you don't know, be honest and mention some majors you are interested in learning more about before you make a decision.
•    What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Everyone has got strengths and weaknesses? Try to keep your strengths and weaknesses balanced so if you have two positives, try to have two negatives. Also be prepared to mention how to overcome your weaknesses and how to use your strengths to better your college career and how they might help others.

Be Yourself

You are a unique person, show that to the interviewer. Of course, that does not mean to wear crazy clothes or do your hair funky but let the true you shine through by the words you use when you speak.  Remember, being different is okay and sometimes it is helpful for college entrance. If you have your pilot's license and love poetry, mention it to the interviewer. They are more likely to remember a unique person with a real personality who is diverse and interesting. 

Last thing . . .  take a deep breath, hold it in and exhale. You will be fine.  In the end an interviewer will appreciate a confident, genuine, person that truly wants to attend the school.  Once you are comfortable with the interviewing process, you will be able to breeze through internships interviews and job interviews. Good luck to you!