Best Ways To Share Files With Friends

There are a few ways to share files with your friends, but the big deciding factors are if your file needs to be secure, downloaded quickly and how many friends you wish to share it with. There is also a question of size and how readily available your file needs to be. Here are a few ways you may share your files with your friends.


One of the best ways to share files with your friends is through BitTorrent. Most people think of it as just a pirate network, but its actual use is to allow people to share files from one computer to another very quickly. In fact, the more people you share your files with then the fast they download for the next person.

It works in a very clever way. If you were to have your file go from your computer to your friends, then you may (for example) be able to send over 500kb per second. If you send that file and it is complete and stays on the network, then the next person to download it may get it from two computers at a time. This means that person may download at a rate of 1MB per second (2 computers x 500Kb).

Plus, a file does not have to be complete on a computer to be shared around people. If you have a few friends downloading your file, and another friend wants it, then that friend can catch up to the progress of all your other friends very quickly and have the same amount of your file as they do. The great thing about BitTorrent is that no size of file is too large.

By email

It is not very good for larger files. In fact, if your file is 20-25MB then you can forget about it via email because most won’t accept it. There is also the fact that downloading can be sketch and there is often a tendency to crash or stall so the end user has to re-download again from the start.

The good thing about email is that it is more secure than things such as BitTorrent (which is about sharing) and the cloud (which is as vulnerable as the service decides). By email you are usually more secure unless you have a bad service provider or if you have set a really easy to guess password.

The cloud

You can move bigger files via the cloud, and you can make it so that only a few people see it. You can access it from anywhere (within reason) and it is pretty secure. Almost all of these factors are also the case for email and BitTorrent, so what is the main selling point for the cloud? The fact that it acts as an online storage place is enough for most people, and it will store a lot more than an email account will. It will also download quicker than email but not as quickly as BitTorrent.

The cloud is rather popular too. There are some people who already have cloud programs installed on their computer or on their mobile devices, so there is a convenience factor there too.

On a website

This may be a website that is simply a directory of your files. If that is the case then people can download from your server and you can even set up permissions for who can see it or download it, in the same way that you may if you were using a cloud service.

The website does not even have to be your own. You may share video files on YouTube or image files on Flickr. The online area where you store your files may be as private as you wish. For example, you could store your photos on Facebook but then only have them shown to people who are your friends.

You may even like to share your files on dedicated sites. Let’s say that you want to share an essay with your friends, then you can put it on an essay directory so that all people can see. Sure, you will not be able to hand it in as your own because it has gone online, but if you are planning on handing it in then why are you trying to share it with your friends?

There are also websites where your files would be welcomed and your friends may download them as they wish. This may mean you do not have to set permissions like you do with the cloud, nor do you have to be online like with BitTorrent.