Teacher Appreciation Week: How To Give Thanks In Your Essay

Teacher appreciation week is the greatest time for funny pictures on comedy websites. Fun ones are variations on student messages, with “Teachers touch lives” crossed out and replaced with “Teachers touch wives” or “Teachers touch kids. “ The best ones are of kids with signs saying, “Your the worlds’ best teacher.” If you want to give thanks in your essay without showing your teacher what a terrible job he or she has done, then here are a few tips and quotes you can use.

Teaching creates all other professions

This one is not so great, but you can change it to something such as, “Teaching feeds all other professions” or, “Teaching is the seed you plant in my life from which my career grows.” Or, you could try, “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime.” The only problem with that one is that you cannot use it whenever there is another teacher and student relationship scandal in the news.

Without teacher, I would have no class

This is a very clever play on words and is not very common at all so you may be lucky enough to be the first to utter it. The other more common variation is “Without teacher, life would have no class.”

How well you teach us today affects our children and our children’s children tomorrow

This is yet another original quote you can take for yourself. It helps to put the whole teaching profession into perspective and it also demonstrates just how damaging a bad teacher can be to the future of our country.

It is a shame you will not be around when your influence helps me reach the top

It is a shame when you have a teacher that taught you a real life lesson that you take with you for the rest of your life, and it is 30 years before you reach the top. That teacher is often long gone by that time, and it is a shame you cannot go back in time to that teacher and show them just how well they did.

When I am education secretary, I’m raising your wages

This is a fun thing to say, and has more meaning than most of the wishy-washy stuff you read on the Internet on teacher appreciation week. It is also fun with a hint of “I wonder” about it. It also calls attention to the fact that the teacher has a class full of potential senators, judges and celebrities.
Every time you open a school door, you close a prison

If you can fit it into your essay, you may like to mention that the amount the US spends on prisons alone is enough to give every college applicant a scholarship. If you take the cost of prosecuting the criminals too (not including the catching) then you could give every suitably aged teenager in the USA a scholarship of over $100,000.

Brilliant teachers are a bonus, but the ones that care are the ones we remember

You could mention the fact that a teacher that cares makes more of an impact than one that helped you get “A”s. Such as when you were railed from classroom to classroom three days because of a rumor you smoked a spliff, then one Geography Teacher Mr. Whitaker tells the other kids to knock it off and cut him a break when all the other teachers that week had ignored the name calling like it didn’t exist.

It’s a shame your number is unlisted because one of my calls was going to be a thank you

This is a clever little thing to say because it is a little bit naughty, a little bit funny and a little bit sweet. It makes fun of the fact that teachers tend to have unlisted phone numbers because students prank call them. You are saying that you too are one of those prankers, but that one of your calls was going to be a thank you.

Sometimes it is only teachers that open the door

Life is not fair. It is one of the best things about life and one of the biggest causes of pain and suffering at the same time. There are people in this world that have nobody that cares about them at all. It is especially good when the person that actually cares about their future is an underpaid worker full of faces and names that blur from one term to the next. There are kids out there without anyone that gives a damn about their future, and sometimes all it takes is one teacher to show them that a life of learning can be better than a life of crime or suicide. It’s a shame that teachers are not paid based on how much they care about the kids they influence.