Create Your Comfortable Study Environment

Here you will find a brief view into creating a comfortable study environment, and why each element is important in the act of study. One assumes that you have to study rather frequently, as if that were not the case then any old area should suffice for studying. One also assumes that you are willing to study and that you are not being forced into it. If you are being forced into it, then add reward items into your study area. For example, you could add in your games console and promise yourself that for every two minutes you spend studying you may spend one minute on the game’s console.

The mess the mess a pox on the mess

This point cannot be stated loud enough, “The mess in your study area is the reason you don’t like studying.” Sure, there may be other reasons, such as the fact that studying is an alternative to the 100 things you would rather be doing, but there is nothing that makes studying more inconvenient than when your study area is a mess.

Having a clean study area takes some of the pressure off the situation. In the back of your mind, you know you are going to have to clean up the area. If you do not have the thought of cleaning on your mind, then you have a better capacity to concentrate on your studies.

Maybe it is human nature, or something that our parents drum into us as children, but living in a mess is uncomfortable. Is it tolerable? Of course it is, you would be surprised how tolerable living in a mess it. Ask any teenage boy about how easy it is to live in a mess and they will tell you. Better still, have a look at that boy’s bedroom to see how comfortably tolerant one may get in mess. But, nature or nurture leads us to feel that the mess is uncomfortable, and if you don’t have the burden of tolerating it, then you will be able to study more easily.

The Simpsons said it

The most watched episode of the Simpsons in history was the episode, “Bart gets an F,” and in it Martin Prince does make comments on having a clean work area. He also says you should have plants in the room. Opinion is divided on this. They do create oxygen that helps you concentrate, but if there is no UV light hitting them, i.e. in the shade or at night, then they start creating carbon dioxide, so it is not all that great. The biggest benefit is how they look and make your study area feel. They make the area more calming and look nicer, which is a benefit that may be worthwhile. Still, weigh up the pros and cons and consider carefully if you want a plant in your study area.

Lots of light will be a big help

You may see pictures or movies where a person studies with just one lamp. This is really dumb. You need your overhead light on. Just one lamp for light is as good as telling your brain that you want to go to sleep. You need to see more than just what is right in front of you. Added to which, if you are one of those people that works on their computer with the light off then you need to stop. It makes using a computer do damage to your eyes more quickly than it would with a light on. Your eyes were not designed for staring at a computer, and are especially bad at staring at one where it is the only light source.

It is okay to work near the window

There is a common idea that working near the window is bad because you will be distracted by what is outside, but there is nothing wrong with being distracted by what is outside. So long as you are not living next to a military training ground, there shouldn’t be very much going on outside that causes a permanent distraction. It is okay to gaze out of the window every now and then. It may even help your productivity if you are taking smaller breaks such as these between your larger more structured breaks.

Remove your TV, music and video games

It may not be possible to actually move these items from the room, but they should remain off. If you “have” to work with the TV or music on, then you are suffering with an inability to be alone in silence. That is what you need to work on because when you are in the corporate world you will have to work in silence. They will not permit you to have music or your TV on, so learn how to cope with being alone in silence right now.