How Setting Goals in College Can Prepare You for a Brighter Future

You may have had a pessimistic teacher (probably your English teacher) say to you that the person you turn into in school/college is the person you will be for the rest of your life. This is a big pile of steaming monkey droppings because most people change their personality roughly every seven years, which is why many relationships and friendships do not last longer than seven years. If we forget the dire predictions of has-been teachers, we can look at what you can cultivate in college in order to prepare for a brighter future.

Set goals to cultivate skills

The good thing about skills is that they last. They are hard to lose. Even people that work in bars and learn how to juggle glasses like Tom Cruise in cocktail will be able to pick up a glass in ten years and within minutes remember how to juggle it. Cultivating skills is also good because it is what the business and academic community wants. Plus, you don’t have to cultivate plumbing or manual labor skills. You can cultivate a skill for language, diplomacy and even tact.

If you set a goal to cultivate skills then it is almost as if you are investing in your future. Plus, you cannot have too many skills. There is rarely a time in your life when you will hear an employer or superior wish that you where capable of less, (well, unless the superior is threatened by your talent). Set numerous goals to improve your skills and the investment will pay off for the rest of your life.

Set goals to cultivate habits

When you are in college you are young and it means you will find it easier to shake off old habits and easier to set up new habits. Your goal should be to set up good habits that are going to set you on the right track in the future.

A few good ideas include getting to bed before 12, or eating three meals per day, or getting into the habit of jogging to keep your fitness up. Things such as being punctual are good habits to get into. Also, getting out of the habit of leaving work until the last possible push. This sort of positive habit building will make help you live a far better and stress free life as you get older.

Learn the value of goal setting

The people without a plan are the ones always on the back foot. They are the people that are constantly having to adapt to their surroundings and circumstances because they do not have control over their lives. They are the ones that do not set goals and so are caught up on the tide of circumstance. If you can learn how to set goals then you are going to lead a far more productive and stress free life.

Learn the value of achieving your goals

Making a plan is all well and good, but it is a great idea to start learning the value of achieving a goal. Learning the benefits that come through setting a goal and achieving it will help make you a better person as you grow older. It will also reinforce the habit of making goals in the first place so that you can control more of your life and your circumstances.

Have a purpose and a plan

The students that enter college without really knowing what they want to be when they graduate are not really achieving much. For all they know they could be setting themselves up for a job they hate when they are older. If you are in college then your goal should not be just to finish your qualification. It should be to finish your qualification so it may be used as a means to an end. Simply finishing and passing your qualification is not enough of a goal. It is like setting out to buy groceries when you have no idea what you are going to cook when you get home.

Plan for the future

Set a goal in college for the near future, and set one for the distant future. Even a runner knows where the finish line is. If you cannot see a finish line in the near future, then you need to start setting them goals. If you do not then you have no idea where you will end up and you have no idea if you will be in a happy place when you get there.