Public Speaking Experience At College

The best advice ever is to watch other people making their speeches. The best ones are for student body positions or even student body president. If you are lucky then there are going to be a lot of applicants. You need to record these cringe worthy moments on your phone to get the best effect. Here are some great tips based on the truly terrible speeches that some students have given in the past.

The girl that thought she was giving a rousing speech

This was truly cringe worthy as a brunette girl that covers her bag in pictures of freedom fighters gave a speech that she thought rivaled Hitler’s great calls to his fellow countrymen. Her raised voice and hand/arm gestures were as out of place as they were inappropriate. She truly believed the audience was going to cheer at the end and rise to its feet.

Missing the point completely

A very large girl shot off into a “bit” half way through her speech. She started cracking gags about the food in the canteen in the same way a past-it comedian would say, “What’s the deal with airline food?” She really thought that breaking off to do a little comedy was going to win over the audience. It really, really didn’t.

The casual funny guy persona that was a complete misfire

This was a thin guy that fancied himself as a comedian and really overcompensated for the fact he was trying by pretending not to try at all. His manner, attitude and speech was that of a guy too cool to be up there, whilst being mixed with an unshakable neediness that was pitiful.

The girl that talked about her grandpa

This was an occasion when her grandpa was actually watching, and to pander to him (for some reason) she gave a cringe worthy speech about how if only he was here as student he could fix it all because times were better in his day and age. It was painful to watch, especially since she had put in pauses for the laughter and clapping that she didn’t get.

What the hell was that all about?

Ever heard a student speech and come away thinking “What the hell was that all about?” It is because the student was doing “in” jokes that only him and his friends got. A short fat boy used his speech to impress his friends and mentioned numerous words that he and his friends use when hanging up the phone. It left the rest of the room mystified and slightly annoyed.

The kid that rehearsed too much

You will see a lot of students that over rehearse their lines. They go over them so many times that they pull every bit of thought, emotion and emphasis out of them. Even when they practice adding the emotion they simply sound false and hollow. It is boring to the point of being painful to watch.


From each speech you record you can learn something. Here is what you should have learned from the examples above.

The rousing speech

You are not going to bring people to tears or get them on their feet. Lose your delusion now before you make a fool of yourself.

Missing the point

Breaking for a bit of comedy is going to get a lot of people angry because they just want you to hurry up. It takes a lot of talent to warm up a room and get them laughing, so unless you are good at it already then you are going to fail when adding in comedy to your speech.

Mr. Casual

You cannot pretend you do not want to do well when you are actually up there doing it. It is like claiming you are not hungry whilst eating a big steak.

The girl and her grandpa

Keep on topic and stop using your speech to impress just one person.

What the hell was that?

“In” jokes are only funny to a select few, and even then they are not funny enough to warrant all the effort. You will look like a fool if you use them.

The kid that over rehearsed

You have to rehearse your speech but you do not want to lose any impact, so you need to come up with a speech “Style” of your own. Find some old footage and watch speeches made by Bill Clinton from the US and by Tony Blair from the UK. They both have very different styles but they work fantastically. They have both rehearsed their speeches, but they have developed a very powerful style of speaking.