Why Meditate For Better Grades?

Meditation has no real definition in the same way that “stress” has no real or solid definition. Meditation may mean finding a place of inner peace to some people, whereas it may mean relaxing to others, or may even mean finding a scenario where you can shut your brain off without falling asleep. The idea of meditating for better grades should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is no magic trick involved, so you are still going to have to pay attention in classes, read and study if you want better grades.

Mediation to make you do your work

As a human living in our age, there are many more things you could be doing rather than working on your studies. This is not the “olden days” when your only alternatives were kicking a can down the street or scrumping for apples. Why blow up a bucket of frogs when you can play the Playstation 4 and blow up a bus full of nuns? You have the option of sitting and reading your textbooks and doing your assignments, or you can play with any one of numerous technological advances that take you out of the moment and into any fantasy you like. Hard decision it is not!

Students have been known to do anything to avoid working on their studies, mainly because there are so many fun alternatives. Truth be told, there are cartoons on the Internet and Dilbert Books that point out how interesting a wall becomes when you have work to do.

Mediation and doing more work

Let us venture to the point. How can meditation make you do more work? The reason is based in psychology, but the concept is not a difficult one. When a person feels that they are missing out on something, they find it hard to concentrate on a single task. For example, if there is a fun fair going off behind your house, then you may find it difficult to concentrate on your TV show.

You become anxious, restless, easily bored and generally cannot figure out what to do with yourself. Your brain is both consciously and unconsciously considering all the things you should be doing compared with the things you think you may want to do. Meditation helps to slow this process. Even ten minutes alone with your thoughts can remove restlessness and your tendency to become easily bored.

Meditation and time with your thoughts will help you reason that doing your work is the most productive thing to do right now. It also gives your mind a little bit of time to consider the reality of your situation. You may want to play the new game on your video console, but whilst meditating you start to reason that the video game will still be there when you have finished, that you will not be as anxious about knowing you should have studied if you play the game later, and that the game does sometimes get a little tedious and that you do need a break from it from time to time.

Mediation to help stop boredom

It sounds counterintuitive, but the fact is that bringing your mind to a stop and concentrating on nothing whilst in a peaceful setting can help to stop boredom. The fact is that when you are bored you are not really lacking things to do, you are just lacking the will to do anything that requires effort. If you put your mind to it, you could list hundreds of things to do and that need doing, but because you are bored you are not willing to concentrate on any of those tasks. Meditating helps to reset you back to zero and helps you figure out what you are willing to focus on. You may be able to convince yourself that you should do a little studying, and if you really cannot focus on one thing for very long then you may be too tired and should really try to sleep.

Meditation and helping you prioritize

You may have hundreds of things to do and want to get them all down as soon as possible, but if you take a few minutes to yourself to think about what you are doing, you may be able to prioritize what needs to be done against what should be done. It can help you take a calm look at a situation and figure out what is required first.

Meditation helping you reason that you should study so you are not as worried

Worry is a big part of study-stress, and the more you worry the less productive your studying becomes. Have a quick meditation session and you may reason as to why you should study. If you can get ahead on your studies, then you remove the stresses and anxiety that will occur in the future. Also, do not forget that meditation will help lower your tendency to distraction.