How To Manage Part Time Job And College?

Some students get a full time job when they are in college. There are some courses that simply do not allow you the time to take a part time job. Medical courses are especially unsuitable for jobs. If you are in full time education then 16 hours per week (2 x 8 hours) is more than enough. Even if you work on that you are going to have to cut back on things you can do in your free time. Any more than that and you will completely mess up your education.

Put your studies first

You know you should already. Just remember that people burn out when their studies get on top of them and the process is a slow and insidious one. You put off an essay, you get another, you need amendments on the first, the second one needs research materials you have not got yet, a birthday arrives, the first one is handed in late. A third project appears, your second essay is due in one day and you still don’t have the research materials…


You should quit your part time job. You are going to hate the fact you missed parts of college because you were working. You are going to spend the rest of your life doing a job you hate, so why start now when you have the best excuse not to work a job?

You shouldn’t need the money so much

Scores of students will say they do need the money so much because they have so little all the time, but what they don’t realize is that they are spending 16 hours per week working. They say they need the money to go out and do things with their friends, but they are spending 64 hours at work per month when they could be spending that time with their friends.

Added to which, you are a student! You have the only legitimate excuse in your lifetime to say, “Sorry, I am a bit strapped for cash at the moment” without people thinking it is just an excuse.

Get enough sleep

There are some students that wouldn’t dream of shortchanging their snoozy time. Some students form a bond with their bed that borders on the erotic. Other students (most actually) consider sleep to be something that has to be fitted in between work, play, study, sex, and eating. To most college students their bed time in as inconvenience and they are not pleased about it. They do not get enough sleep because they are trying to fit more into their already unproductive day and the cycle only gets worse as they become more and more tired ergo more and more unproductive.

Stop being bullied by your boss!

It is an employer’s market when it comes to employing students. They can treat you like dirt because there are literally hundreds of other students ready to take your place. They will bully you into doing longer shifts or for working overtime without pay. If he starts to push himself on you then quit and send in your brothers and friends to break some bones. Do not be exploited for the sake of the worst pay of your life (which it will be if you actually get your qualification).

Set every clock to 15 minutes fast

Do this and it is hard to be late for work, for lessons and for dates. It is annoying if your Smartphone auto-sets your clock back to the real time. Set it to manual and set it 15mins fast. In a perfect world, you will turn up 15 minutes early for everything, which may seem like an inconvenience but you will find it to be a great weight off your mind.

Save 50% of your wages for the end of the 2nd week of every month

Why do this? Because every student is full of cash at the beginning of every month. It is the time to get your drinks bought for you. By the end of the month, they are searching the sidewalk for discarded pennies. You need to pay yourself again half way through the month. It may take a little discipline but it is really worth it when you do not have to go begging on the 25th of the month.

Do not sell your stuff to make money

If your job is not paying enough then you are not being frugal enough. If you sell your stuff then it seems like a good idea but it always ends up costing you more in the long run.