10 Best Jobs For Students In Holidays

It is a shame when students have to work, but there are times when it can be an experience, plus it does give them some money and one of the horrible things about being a student is being perpetually broke. So, here are a few jobs a student can take over the summer holidays.

1 - Pet sitting or dog walking

Pet sitters are in dire need, and if you are able to take the pets to your place then your service becomes more valuable. It is horrible having to find someone to look after your pets if you are away for a while. You want them to be treated well and you want to be sure they will be alright and not cause a nuisance. It is often difficult to call on family members and sometimes you cannot trust them to take the best care of your pets, which is why students are such a good option. Again, if the student can take the pet instead of having to come into an empty house then all the better.

2 - Babysitting

It is hard to find a babysitter, and most people past the age of 20 have their own kids to worry about. That is one if the reasons why people need student babysitters. There is also the fact that students need the money and so are likely to behave. If you are a student and you can gain the trust of the parents, then they may throw a lot of work your way.

3 - Part time retail work

Retail work is one of the most horrible mainstream jobs you can get. The hours are long, boring and the people you meet are often enough to make you want to scream. And, throughout it all you are supposed to smile and pretend you care about the company even though you are on minimum wage. Still, since it is horrible work this is often a high staff turnover, which means you will probably be able to find a job in retail.

4 - House cleaning

Offering your services as a house cleaner is not glamorous work, but since you are only working around three hours per house, you are not going to charge people the same amounts they would pay a butler. Charge between $30 and $40 for three hours work and people that have never even considered a cleaner will start to consider your services.

5 - Volunteer camp work/ summer camp work

There are often places for students at summer camps. There are many summer camps that will not hire workers over the age of 20, so you could do very well. You often get your room and food free, but there is little else in it for students in terms of money. It can act as experience for your course if you are going to have to work with children in your later career. There are different camps and such in other countries that you may like to try. It is a way of seeing another country and having your food and accommodation paid for when you get there.

6 - Waiter/Waitress

Nobody likes waiting tables, but it has to be done and many companies are quite happy to hire hot looking students. Good looking staff helps to bring more customers back.

7 - Hotel porter and/or chamber maid

Staff turnover on this sort of thing is just as high as in the retail business, which is why the companies do not mind hiring students. They know that the staff are going to leave anyway, but at least with students they know they are desperate for the work.

8 - Sell your graphic design, web designs or photographs on online marketplaces

There are online marketplaces that allow you to sell your photographs and graphic design. You may also be able to sell your website designs but the competition is stiff. It may be easier if you come up with templates for things such as WordPress and try to sell them instead.

9 - Promotional work

It is tough work and there is no prestige in it. Even the bums are going to look at you and feel sorry for you. Promotional work is going to run from sending out emails in a warehouse to being dressed as a seven foot sausage advertising tasty wieners. It is not nice work, and it is for that reason it is often easy work for a student to get.

10 - Farm working or manual labor

It is not great work, you could carry bricks or muck out the horse stables, but students are cheap labor which means there are a few firms willing to hire them during summer holidays and such. It may just be a case of asking for applications and filling them in until you get a job.