How To Cope With Unrequited Love In College?

Get over it and move on. There is absolutely nothing you can do. You may think there is, and you may be in denial about how hopeless it is, but there is nothing you can do so move on. Look up the Kübler-Ross model and know that you are in denial, which is why you do not believe there is anything you can do. Know that the more you take your mind off it, then the more it becomes part of your past, the quicker you get over it and the sooner you realize you were being silly. 

You may have true loving feelings, but there is no way that person will ever feel the same no matter what you do. Attraction in real life does not work the same way it does in movies. The person you love will not love you back, and if that person is a bad person then he or she will put you in the friend zone and leave you there whilst always making it seem like one day he or she will change his or her mind. 
Still, if you are too immature to realize how hopeless your situation really is, then here are a few things you should definitely try. 

Cry like a small child until that person loves you back

Nobody likes to see a person crying, so if you cry a lot then the person will feel sorry for you and go out on a date with you. The harder and longer you cry then the better. Do not let college time restrict your movements, make sure to call that person too so they can hear you cry through the night. Make sure you leave them lots of voicemails with you crying for hours. 

Write them a poem of over 100 pages to show your love is true

Poems make men and women want to sleep with you. That is why Shakespeare was such as stud, and why female rappers get all the guys. The trouble is that anybody can write a short poem, so you need to make sure it is a long one.

Find a perfume or aftershave with pheromones in it

Not mentioning any brand names, but there are plenty of these things for sale. They are aftershaves or perfumes that have pheromones in to make other people want to have sex with you. Just waft yourself around your true love and before you know it you will be doing the horizontal wiggle. 

Beg like a homeless man outside a celebrity's house

Begging must work, or else all homeless people would have died off years ago. So beg your true love as much as you can. People love this sort of attention. The harder the person complains, then the more they want you to beg. Make sure you do it on your knees and in front of as many of his or her friends as possible so that his or her friends see how popular and lovable he or she is. 

Buy that person things

Everybody loves having things bought for them. If you are clever, then you will spend every cent you have on buying that person presents, paying their bills and generally spoiling them. People love money, especially when it is other peoples, so make the person fall in love with your money, and then make them fall in love with you. Fat rich guys and very old women get younger lovers all the time by using this method, so surely it is going to work for you.

Give him or her advice whether he or she wants it or not

If you offer your advice all the time, then eventually the person you love is going to regard you as some sort of guru. Soon they will regard you as the next Buddha and will want to be close to you to soak up your wisdom. This is just a short step away from falling madly in love with you.

Offer to do everything for that person without question

Eventually he or she will see how dedicated you are and fall in love. You may be in the friend zone for quite a while, but one day you will be sick and he or she will have to carry his or her bags or tie his or her own laces. On that day, they will notice how much they need and rely on you and will want to date you right away.