15 Factors To Make Your College Decision Easier

Listed below are fifteen factors in no particular order. They are all considerations that may make your college decision easier. If you are thinking of applying to college, then look over the factors and ask yourself if they are a big deal for you.

1 - If you can afford a college

There are numerous ways to pay, with the most common being a student loan. Still, the amount it will cost is often a very big consideration.

2 - How cheap the bars are and if outsiders are allowed in them

Being able to drink on the cheap is often a consideration, though sometimes you need a fake ID. Also, if outsiders are allowed in your shops and bars then they are unlikely to be student-friendly economic/cheap. Also, if you are puzzled by this one because you have to be 21yrs old to drink, then look up the January 1, 2011 minimum drinking age exceptions and you may be in for a pleasant surprise. It may also help you decide which state you want to study in (for example, look up the location exceptions in Nebraska).

3 - How great the dorms are

Are they made of wood with leaking faucets or are they luxury apartments with thick carpets and bathroom in every dorm room? In addition, do you have to share or not?

4 - Is that college known for the subject you are taking?

There are some colleges that are well known for excellence in some areas. For example, Harvard in the US is known for its business studies, and Cambridge in the UK is known for science.

5 - How long you are allowed to stay on campus?

There are some that only allow you to stay in the dorms in your freshman year and others allow you to stay for the entire time you are at college. If you are allowed to stay the entire time then this may be a big plus.

6 - If you can get a scholarship for one college over another

There are some colleges that are going to be scholarship friendly and some that are not. It depends on the scholarship and your dilatation (and grades). It may also depend on which country you are planning to study in.

7 - How hot the other students are

It is fair enough if you go to a college full of plug-uglies, but you may want to be surrounded by the beautiful. It is the choice between something such as going to a photography school and a programming or geology school.

8 - The reputation of the students, faculty or college

Reputation may mean a lot, and it is a big shame when students lose credibility because of the reputation of others or the college itself. For example, the students of Pen State after the despicable acts that took place there are now forever tarnished, and this includes the people that have already qualified. If the students, faculty or establishment has a reputation then this may be a deciding factor.

9 - The predominant race, culture or religion of others in the college

One can say that this sort of thing doesn’t matter, but it often does. Going to a Muslim college if you are Jewish may not be a great idea, or going to a college full of Indian people when you are Pakistani, etc.

10 - The predominant sex of other people in the college

There are some male and female only colleges to start with. Plus, there are some that are dominated by one sex over the other and that may be a deciding factor for you.

11 - How hot the teachers are both academically and visually

How hot the teachers are is a consideration if you remember you have to look at them four or five days per week. How hot they are academically is also a factor, as some professors have a good reputation that may help you later in your career.

12 - The prestige that the college offers

As you know, there is a lot of prestige that goes with some colleges. for example, if you can claim you went to an Ivy League college in America, or Oxford or Cambridge in the UK, then it affords you opportunities in later life that are harder for others to gain access to.

13 - Will your parents hate it?

This may help you decide to go because you want to anger your parents, or may be a deciding factor because you want money from your parents through your time at college.

14 - Extracurricular activities such as sports

There are some colleges that pump hundreds of thousands into extracurricular activities, especially sports, and it may be a big factor for you.

15 - Freshman dropout/attrition rate

If a lot of freshman drop out, then it is a very big danger sign and you may want to consider it when you are applying to college.