Extend Your Education Beyond The Classroom

Extending your education beyond the classroom is a great idea, and it is something that you should be doing anyway if you are genuinely interested in the course you are doing. Extending your education need not even be in your own college discipline. There are other things in this world that you can learn about in your own time.

Can you extend your education for sure?

Sure you can!!! Didn’t you see Good Will Hunting? Matt Damon wasn’t kidding when he wrote that a person can get a university degree education with a library card. It is burningly true, and now we have the Internet where you can download every single textbook that a university student uses. There are even websites and apps that plug you into the best professors from the best universities giving lectures, and you can watch them for free.

But you don’t get a degree with a library card and the Internet

Sure you don’t, but imagine if you knew it all in advance? You could take a genuine online degree course with a legitimate (real life) university and pass it in months where it takes other people years. You could even attend a real university and spend a year there instead of three years. You could save a small fortune and astound your professors.

Add to this, the fact that there are jobs you can get without a degree. The people making video games and animated movies may have a degree, but you walk in with a sample of your high quality work and they will hire you so fast they will leave your shoes behind as they snatch you from them.

There are even jobs where you can ensure you are hired, such as a junior accountant. Show that you know your stuff and they will hire you and put you through the qualifications you need to rise up through the ranks. It works for them because they get you at a low price, get your loyalty and they know you will pass the qualifications they give you.

Download books on the subject

You need to be very careful about the books you download. Ideally, they should be approved versions that are used by college and university in both your country and other countries. For example, you do not want your origin of the planet books to be written and approved by certain people in Kansas. Learning from such may not get you a job in the natural history museum.

You should look to other countries too when it comes to books on certain subjects. For example, in North America the psychology of addition is very immature because many publishers insist that morality and various other things such as self indulgence, self destruction and sloth be added into the text. In the United Kingdom the textbook publishers have no such stipulations, which means more mature psychological theories are present within UK textbooks and mainstream academic books.

Videos of legitimate seminars and lectures

You have to be very careful about watching these because there are a lot of them that are pushed as genuinely academic but are actually very dubious. For example, there are holistic seminars that quote scientific studies with such bias that they could show proof that the sky is made of cheese biscuits.

Stick to the seminars and lectures that are released by genuinely established universities (colleges), and check that they are actually from there and that the web master is not just saying so. Find these and you may expand your own knowledge whist sitting at home eating Cheetos.

Go the website route

If you are looking to expand your education but are not particularly bothered about getting a degree or qualification, then there are some good free websites out there to help you. Thing such as programming, graphic design, web design, and more, are available to learn online. The great thing about learning subjects such as this is that you can try it yourself to see if it works. You are being giving information that you can use and you know if it is false because your graphic design will look crummy or your program will not render, etc.