How Technology Can Help You to Complete Your Essays Faster

Technology helps to make many different aspects of our lives easier, faster and more convenient, and this includes essay writing and academic work. There are many ways in which technology and computer software can make essay writing faster. Avoiding the obvious examples (such as word processors and spell checkers), this guide takes a look at tools and technologies which are specifically designed to speed up your essay writing.

Voice Recognition Software

With voice recognition software you can use your voice to control your computer and get things done quickly. Premium software learns to recognize your individual voice, and once calibrated you can dictate your essay instead of typing everything out. Such software used to be inaccurate, and this meant frequent revisions and edits, however voice recognition technology has improved considerably – you can dictate entire paragraphs and pages without having to repeat yourself and without needing to correct your work. When used properly, such software can save you a respectable amount of time.

Faster Referencing with Auto Referencing Tools

Referencing can be a big waste of time. It is a long and tedious process to include references with correctness and accuracy. Before you even start to include the references in your essay, you need to learn the formatting and content of your particular citation system, and once included it takes time to check through all your references to ensure they are correct. Every major referencing system has a strict way of arranging the information, and you can lose out on marks if things aren’t done properly.

Thanks to auto referencing tools, you can be sure that your references are completely accurate without having to waste time researching the requirements of the referencing system, and without the long and boring task of doing things manually. With an online referencing tool you simply enter the reference information – such as the author’s name, the article name, the journal, volume etc. – and then the program creates the reference for you. Once created you copy and paste it into your work.

Faster Typing with Mechanical Keyboards

If you can type faster, then naturally you can complete your essays faster. If you want good performance when you type then you should think about the keyboard that you are using. In the past, mechanical keyboards were the most popular type of keyboard, though now the most popular keyboards are membrane keyboards and scissor-switch keyboards. These have a slimmer profile and do not deliver the same clicking sensation as mechanical keyboards. They have their advantages, but they are not optimal for fast typing.

The best keyboards for fast, accurate typing are modern, high-end switch keyboards. High quality switch keyboards have become much more popular recently with people who do a lot of typing, and if you find the right keyboard you will definitely improve your speed and make fewer mistakes. With some of the best mechanical keyboards you can choose between different tactile settings.

Multiple Monitors

The more information you are able to see on your computer screen, the quicker you will be able to write your essay. Switching between different tabs, browsers and applications is annoying and wastes time. Large computer screens or joined multiple screens allow to quickly move from the research and reference material to your essay. When the time comes to sit down and write your essay, don’t use your laptop and don’t rely on small screens. If you want the essay writing process to be quicker, use a large monitor or dual monitors.

Access Your Files Anywhere with Cloud Storage

Before the actually essay writing begins, you first need to do your research. A common problem which often slows students down is accessing and organizing information when research is done in different places (any student that hops between home and college will understand this very well), but this problem is solved with cloud storage technology. With cloud storage you can save new documents and work from any location with an internet connection. So if for example you are doing research in the library, you can save the work to the cloud and then access it from your personal computer later on. This is much faster and easier than using portable drives or printing physical copies of the work.

Specialist Writing Software

Normal word processing software is fine for essay writing, but there are specialist software solutions out there which come with lots of extra tools and features that help to the make the essay writing process quicker and easier. Some solutions come with template development tools for essay planning and structuring, as well as mind-map tools that help you visualize your essay plan. These are particularly useful for longer essay assignments, research papers, and other assignments where structure is important and planning is needed.