Tips to Develop Your Writing Creativity

Some say that you are born with creativity. The people that say that are maladroitly thinking imbecile. Anything can be learned. The people that are great at sport, music, arts, science, etc, are not born brilliant. They are brilliant because they learned the skills needed a little quicker than most. Learning takes time and happens in skips and bumps. Within a year you may be the most creative person of your generation. You can learn how to be creative and creatively write.

Learn to free-write

This is where you write whatever comes to mind. You can use it for fixing a writer’s block if you want, but it is nicely used to develop your writing creativity. All you do is write whatever comes to mind. You can do it with your eyes closed if it helps, and if you are a competent touch typist then you should be able to write with your eyes closed anyway.

You write whatever nonsense comes to mind, or you write and vamp, which is writing a bunch of words that would otherwise be considered fluff. You will find that the more bumf that you write, the more and more your creative juices flow. All you then have to do is edit it perfectly. Do not forget the line, “It is Perfectly Okay to Write Garbage—as Long as you Edit Brilliantly,” by C. J. Cherryh. It allies perfectly with free writing. You may end up cutting a great deal from what you have written, but in the end you are left with pure gold--and you have improved your creativity.

Imagine scenarios when you have nothing to do

This may sound a little crazy, but when you have nothing to do, such as when you are on a bus or listening to a loved one whine about their life, you should imagine scenarios. Your scenarios can be anything. You can imagine you are a pirate with a machine gun or a prime directive enforcer on one of the Star Trek vessels.

The point of this is to practice using your imagination when you are away from writing and your computer. The brain is similar to a muscle in that the more you use it then the better it gets. If you use your imagination more, then your mind will become better at constructing imaginative scenarios and you will become a more creative writer.

Learn how to touch type

This makes you a faster typist, which is going to make it easier for you to get your notes down and get your thoughts into words. There is a certain limit on creativity based on how quickly you type. A slow typist is unable to get ideas down as quickly and is therefore less creative on the whole.

Now increase your writing speed further

You have learnt to touch type and that is good, so you now need to improve your writing speed further. Again, the faster you can type then the more ideas you can get down. You also get to write with a flow, and that flow will help you be more creative. It is harder to be creative if you stop and start.

Notes are your friends

Write a note every time you have a good idea. Write as many notes as you like and do not feel restricted by how many notes you have or by the feeling you need to organize them. There is no need to keep them neat or organized. Just make sure you get your ideas into text when you have them. At a later date you can look over your notes and use them for ideas and twists on what you are currently doing.

Being organized comes with planning

There are some people that are more creative through their organization. It does actually make sense because it offers a type of structure that some people thrive on. If you become more organized then you may be able to become more creative. Just beware of the fact that sometimes being organized is a crimp on creativity.

Brainstorm ideas in the dark

There are some great writers that claim to have sat in the dark until they have come up with ideas. It is a little extreme, but is an exercise you should try a few times in your life. If anything, it may help you discover your creative side.

Think of as many solutions as possible

There is more than one solution to a problem. Your job is to think of as many solutions as possible. The preposterous and illogical may also be used so long as you have a few solutions. This helps to grow your creativity and helps you stop thinking within a tight little box. You may come up with some dumb ideas, but the dumb ones are simply ones that have not had enough thought put into them. Teach yourself how to come up with different solutions to the same problem and you help grow your creative side as a result.