College Memories You Can't Afford to Miss

There are memories and experiences that you only get in college. You can have similar experiences if you take a different path, but in college you are almost guaranteed to experience the same things as other college students have done in the past. Below is a list of all the things you are very likely to experience if you go to college.

You are in your element

Never again in your life will you be surrounded by carefree people of your own age group. The rest of your life you will meet people with kids, mortgagees, debt, broken marriages, drug addictions and of very broad age groups. Never again will you get to be in a place with so many people that have so much in common with you.

College breakups

When you break up with your high school sweetheart because you have both grown apart, even though you both gave a blood oath that you would both stay together through college.

College love

Is it worth going to college just to have college love? Well, maybe it shouldn’t be your only reason for joining but it should factor in to your college experience. You will probably find love in college. The other person may not love you back, but if the world were perfect then we wouldn’t need hospitals.

Thinking you know it all

Your world as a student is far smaller than that of a working adult. Consequently, you will think you know it all because in the realms of your small world you do.

Fashion victims of the highest caliber

The only place you may see worse fashion victims is somewhere such as Burning Man. College is a place where you will see people with terrible dress sense and you will see it almost every day. You are going to see people that try too hard and people that have really stopped trying all together.

You also see all sorts of body shapes in college, from the fat student that everybody hates but won’t say it, to the ultra skinny girl that the girls hate because they think the boy like her; even though the boys only like her because they know they won’t have to spend much if they take her out to dinner.

A rosy view of the world

In college, the world is still your oyster. Just a few years after you enter the working world you will start to see how the world is more of a drudge full of repetitive routine that winds down your will and enthusiasm for life. In college, you still get to see the world, or at least your future, as nicer than it is. You may as well experience that feeling whilst it is still there.

Getting annoyed at the kid that thinks he/she knows it all

There are hundreds of them in college, and it will be your misfortune to meet them. It is not really a great memory at the time, but you are guaranteed to meet them when you are an adult, and he will be a receptionist at a vets and she will have five kids and frown lines.

Getting the grades

You can liken it to a computer game where you get the grades if you put in the effort. Ironically, if people did put as much time into their studies and “building their levels” of knowledge, instead of leveling up on World of Warcraft, then they would be a lot better off. Plus, what is the point of WOW. It is not a bad game, but most people quit their character after level 70 and start a new one.

Learning that life can suck

There will be a low point in your college days and it will convince you that life sucks and that things will never be the same again. It usually comes when a student realizes that this is the last stop for screw-up-ville. It may be that time when a student realizes that if they mess this up then they are destined for a life of fast food restaurants and parole violations.

Learning that life is awesome

Something is going to happen in college that will make you raise your hands to the roof and shout. What it is will be unclear until it happens. You may get a hottie into bed, you may throw a power ball and it hits four walls and lands in your hands, you may ace a test when you didn’t do a lick of revision, you may order 2 shirts online and get 12 through the mail. There are a whole bunch of things that may happen; you just don’t know what it is yet. Every graduating student has that one story that was just plain awesome.