College And Dating: How To Combine?

You can combine dating and college. It is the perfect time. There is no other point in your life when you are going to be surrounded by people your own age and people without baggage such as kids, ex-spouses and debt problems. Do not put off dating until after college because you are not going to be able to get this time or opportunity back. Plus, if you do not develop your sexual maturity now, then you are going to end up being a 40yr old woman/man that still giggles at the word titmouse. Here is how you mix seeing your partner with your college work.

Have a no-texting during lectures rule

Three months into your freshman year, take a look around your lecture halls at the people surreptitiously texting on their phone. They are texting their newest hottie, and they are missing the lecture. It may not seem like a big deal, but they are slowly eroding away their chances of getting a higher grade when then qualify. Have a no-texting rule that applies during lectures and your partner will understand. You are not cheating, you are not avoiding, you are learning.

When you are writing your essays, use email

A big mistake is to text when you are writing your essay. Having to stop every few minutes to text on your phone is a time-sucking vampire. Use email when you are writing your essays and leave the browser open so you can flip to it when you are working.

Failing that, use Facebook to communication with your partner whilst you are working on your computer. Do not use the chat function on Facebook because it will require you nipping back to the website every few minutes. Use the private message function so that you can at least space out your responses until after you have finished writing your paragraph on your essay.

Stay over at each other’s dorm room

You want to spend time together, so spend the nights together. Stay over at each other’s dorm room every now and again. You don’t get enough time during the day to be together, but you can curl up in each other’s arms at night. Just be a little caution about the whole rude area if you have a roommate. Be courteous and ask the other person if your partner is okay to stay over. If your roommate feels even slightly uncomfortable then you MUST stop your partner coming over, and do not blame your roommate for it. How would you feel if your roommate brought over tattooed biker guys/chicks every night?

Forget jealousy or break up now

It is easy to be jealous in college because your partner is surrounded by hundreds of other unattached people of the same age. The problem is that jealousy is very time consuming and the last thing you want to be doing is checking their Facebook wall every half hour to see which hot people have “like”ed your partner’s posts. If you are jealous then stop dating or find a partner that is so whiter than white (i.e. sweet and devoted) that you are never jealous.

Mingle your friends as much as possible

Hang out in groups of your friends and your partner’s friends. This means you both get to spend more time together, and you can be 100% sure that your friends are going to love getting to hang around with people of the opposite sex for a legitimate (non-contrived) reason.

Have some study sessions together

If you are both mature enough to keep your hands off each other as you study in silence--then do it. The best incentive to work (even in silence) is often if it is a social activity. You should definitely study together and collaborate if you are both taking the same subjects. Still, even if you are not, it is nice to have someone else in the room flipping through a book if you are fond of them. Just do not get into the habit of feeling as if you have to keep each other entertained.
You do not have to study together in your dorm rooms. You can do it in the library, and if it is a hot day then why not try a picnic study session?

Take some time together outside of college

Try to do it every week, but that may be tough, so try to do it at least every fortnight. The reason is because it is easy to get into a routine with your girlfriend or boyfriend every week, and what starts to happen is that you feel as if you are not getting enough time to yourselves to the point where you start trying to see each other more nights, start texting each other too much and before you know it you are putting off your dissertation because the other person wants to stay over tonight for the 15th day in a row.