The Best iOS and Android Apps for Studying

In this article, you will find several apps that are ideal for students. The apps featured are mostly for the iOS and Android because they are currently the most popular operating systems in the First World. All of the apps are very highly rated and respected in the online community.

iTunes U
iOS - Free

This is currently the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content. It has both a massive range of subjects and a lot of material on the subjects that stretches from high school student teaching to PHD level. It caters for casual interest and for people studying their subject in depth.

If it is free then how can it be correct?
The courses it contains are free, and even though the content cannot be guaranteed as 100% correct by the app administrators, many pieces are taught by instructors from well-respected establishments, schools and leading universities. The content is well curated and its accuracy is bound to the reputation of the contributors who are hardly likely to produce incorrect content for the fear of damaging their reputation.

Is there enough in-depth content to complete a degree?
You cannot actually earn a certificated degree via this app, but there is enough information to fully complete numerous degrees in the same respect that university textbooks have enough information to complete degrees. There are 750,000 free lectures, books, videos and learning resources on more than 2000 subjects. There are collections from institutions in 30 countries, the most notable are: The New York Public Library, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, MIT, Library of Congress, LaTrobe University, MoMA, and the University of Tokyo.

Interactivity between you and the app
You may monitor your progress by ticking off assignments as you complete them. You may use iBooks to take notes and highlight things and you may consolidate data so you may review it in the iTunes U app. There are course notes, videos and audio content.

GMAT Review, 13th Edition Mobile App
IOS & Android - $4.99

The 13th edition is the most up to date version of this app. It allows you to practice for your GMAT test with actual official questions that have been retired from the exam. This is as far as most GMAT apps can go since few people have access to the questions in active use or it would defeat the point of the test. It allows you to get the feel for doing the test, and the app has the same information that you will find in the "Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 13th Edition." The app comes with a total of fifty questions.

Is there a downside to this app?
There are two, and the first is that they are going to charge you $29.99 to purchase extra questions and the second is that by using the test you are only improving your test taking technique, which is the most that any GMAT app can offer. The idea that apps of this nature act as some sort of revision or preparation will only extend to aiding in test taking technique and nothing more. The extra charge buys you 800 questions.

What are the features of this app?
You may track your progress, practice your test-taking pace with a timer, and register to take the actual GMAT test through the app itself. You may vary the number of practice questions you take, and you may select various quantitative and verbal questions too.

Android - $2.99

With this app, you can track your homework and coursework to ensure you get it done on time. It is an organizer app especially for students. It is an alternative for the people who find other to-do list and calendar apps hard to keep up with. The interface is simple, as is the structure of the app, which does make it more of an app for the pragmatist.

Have people complained about the app?
There are some people who like the stars and spangles of more graphically advanced apps who do not like this app. There is also concern that it has not been updated in two years, but the app is well designed, fully functioning and in no need of any form of update. It is really an app for the sort of person who has tried other student organizer apps and is looking for an alternative with a difference.

iLingQ Language Learning
Android & iOS - Free, $10/mo, $39/mo

This app has a bright interface that is split into lessons for learning over twenty languages. The information is broken into segments you may take on as and per your language needs. You may download more lessons, which are given verbally and via text. You do not need an Internet connection to use the app; you only need it if you wish to purchase additional language lessons.

What’s so great about it?
This app stands out for appealing to the mindset of the list ticker. There are many people who glean great satisfaction from ticking items off of lists and taking on larger tasks in stages, and that is how this app is structured and works. The user gets both a feeling of accomplishment whilst remaining undaunted by the mammoth task of learning a new language. The fact the lessons are so broken up into smaller stages means that a more advanced language student may jump in half way through instead of having to start from the beginning.

IBM Think
Android & iOS - Free

This app shows how technology has moved forwards and how progress has been made over the years. It comes with a ten-minute movie and lots of information that both innovators and forward thinkers are going to enjoy. It is useful for a range of students from engineering students to programmers as shows students how they may think outside the box. It helps students recognize cause and effect in the technology world, which means it may even be handy for economics students.

Daily Art
Android & iOS - Free

This app is for the art and art history student as they are often the forgotten ones on articles of this nature. As an art student, you are tasked with improving your knowledge of the art world but some art students find traditional studying and cramming difficult and that is where this app may help.

It delivers a classical painting to your mobile device every day along with detailed information about the piece or the artist. The information is detailed but there is not too much so that students do not feel as if they are reading textbook chapters. The information is in small enough packets to absorb comfortably every day.

MyScript Calculator - Handwriting calculator
Android & iOS - Free

This is both a convenience tool and a very handy addition to a math student’s arsenal. You are able to write your math calculation onto the screen with a stylus and it will turn it into the correct equation and symbols for you.

Once you have entered your mathematical operations it will help you work out the answer too. It is a convenience tool because it is often slightly difficult to get your mathematical equations into digital format but this one allows you to do it by simply writing on the screen and letting the app do the rest.