10 Things Every Student Should Do Before A New College Semester

These are things that you can add to your to-do list because ideally you should do them before your new college semester. They are things you always regret not doing before your college semester when you are actually in it. Here are ten things in no particular order.

1 - Rent your books before buying

This is done because your books are going to be a rather big expense, and there is a chance that you are going to change what you are studying or drop out completely. It is fair enough saying that you are not going to change or drop out, but so many students do that you need to leave your options open. Rent your books for a few weeks near the beginning before you buy to be sure that the course you are on is the one you are going to stay on.

2 - Get your dorm or living space organized

If you have a dorm or shared accommodation, you really need to get it organized before you start. This means actually arranging it, which is a given, and also means setting up your computer and unpacking your things. You do not want the frustration of looking through boxes or trying to find wires when you have already started your new semester.

3 - Apply for jobs before the semester starts

This is certainly something that students regret not doing before the semester starts. Be one of those students that all the others envy because you are one of those students that has a job as you start college. It is no different from applying for a job when you are there, except that you are applying before you arrive when there is less competition.

4 - Pick two things that you are going to do every work day

Five days per week, on what is known as the working week, you should do two things that are going to improve your lot in life. They can be anything, from learn a new word to doing five minutes cleaning in your dorm. These two things are going to become learned habits and you are going to use them to help you study or make your life a little easier. The trick is to push through the uncomfortable feeling and keep doing them until you hardly notice you are doing them; they are then habits.

5 - Make a budget because you don’t have as much as you think you do

A very good tip is to overestimate your expenses and underestimate your income, and you must make your budget to show yourself how little you have. You get your money at the beginning of each term and it looks like plenty, but when you see how much you are going to have over the next few weeks you start to see how little you really have. If you are lucky, will convince yourself to be very tight with money at an early stage so that you do not end up starving on the last three weeks of your term.

6 - Make a contingency fund

This is a small amount of savings that you routinely put away so that you have a back up if you need the money fast. Keep this going throughout your adult life because you are really, really going to need it.

7 - Get a new girlfriend or boyfriend before your semester if you can

This is only because when you start a new relationship it is all exciting and fun, which means it is a massive distraction. Ideally you want to get over the feelings of cautious optimism and crushing pessimism stages before you start your studies so that it does not interfere with them.

8 - Have backup plans for if things go to hell

This should apply to all things you do. Ideally, it is a backup plan for if you hate college and want to leave. It is a plan that helps you see there is a future beyond the walls of your college. Your plan cannot consist of, get a job, find a place, etc. Your plan must have specific steps and overarching goals for things you can do if you want to drop out of college.

9 - Find out in advance what you can sign up for

This is something that a lot of students regret not looking into. There are often a lot of late arrivals in groups because people signed up late. To save yourself the fiasco of being a late arrival, you can join things early or at least find out what you can sign up for when you arrive.

10 - Be sure what you want to do and why

If you are just floating into higher education because it seems like the right thing to do, then you really need to consider your options before you start. You may be about to take a qualification that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. It is going to define your career from this point onwards, so be absolutely sure this is what you want to do and make sure you have a plan for your future.